Mobilosoft: Optimizing Local Digital Marketing

Mobilosoft: Optimizing Local Digital Marketing

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Georges-Alexandre, Hanin CEO, MobilosoftGeorges-Alexandre, Hanin CEO
With the digital marketplace becoming more saturated and marketing technology becoming more sophisticated, companies need to push their digital marketing campaigns to get noticed by the customer. However, as more people engage digitally for their everyday needs and the number of customer interactions increase steadily, managing all local operations from the head office is not a feasible option anymore. Acknowledging the same, Georges-Alexandre Hanin, CEO and Founder of Mobilosoft, was inspired to develop an enterprise that would aid other companies to improve and succeed in their local digital marketing efforts. Mobilosoft’s web-to-store solutions approach that leverages local data to manage the interactions with local customers thus sets it apart from others in the market.

Mobilosoft provides retail stores with an all-in-one local marketing software that helps them flexibly manage their digital marketing efforts. From optimizing the local ranking of your stores, monitoring of conversion, to managing the e-reputation, Mobilosoft’s platform gives access to all functionalities required for a retail store to increase their online visibility and improve their local online presence.

Initially created as a tool to help the marketing department and local stores to collaborate effectively, the software now is capable of centralizing all customer interactions and manages all your local pages from one single interface. This is especially relevant for companies with an extensive shop network where it is critical to share data across a wide variety of media used by consumers to find information about the local stores.

With the evolution of retail marketing, the ability of a brand to appeal to its customers locally has a significant influence on the willingness of the customer to visit a store. “Through content libraries, Mobilosoft lets location managers regulate the activities of their local stores via content that is validated by the compliance or marketing department of the head office,” says Georges-Alexandre Hanin.

Mobilosoft lets location managers regulate the activities of their local stores via content that is validated by the compliance or marketing department of the head office

By allowing the creation, storage, and sharing of high-quality information (photos and videos of shops, products, staff, et al.), Mobilosoft helps retail companies drive traffic to their local stores. Its proprietary dashboard also allows corporations to get a visual overview of their store’s performance (including impressions, clicks to website, calls, itinerary requests) and estimated traffic driven to their stores. With an increasing number of customers depending on online reviews before engaging with a specific store, timely response and management of customer reviews are of utmost importance for the store’s reputation. By centralizing all incoming reviews and notifying when less positive reviews are detected, Mobilosoft aids companies to monitor their network’s overall performance. Furthermore, store managers can configure and publish custom answers or even create a generic response to recurrent incoming reviews.

Recently when deployed for a banking client with over a 1000 locations, Mobilosoft was able to successfully manage and regulate the traffic across selected locations of the franchise during selected hours. The bank was open from 9 am to 12 pm across all the locations, but sought appointment from its customers to visit in the afternoon in specific locations. The company was finding it difficult to convey this message efficiently across its customers, resulting in unnecessary traffic across some of these locations. Mobilosoft with its platform created an option for visitors to take an appointment if they wished to visit the bank in the afternoon for selected locations, and conveyed it successfully across all the media. This resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of appointments to these locations while decreasing unnecessary traffic, which in turn boosted the productivity of their employees during the appointment hours.

Since 2010, Mobilosoft has successfully deployed its software in more than a 100 companies throughout 20000 stores. The company plans to optimize the tool by integrating digital media buying services into its platform. Retail companies would thus be able to create ad campaigns via local libraries that could then be published in multiple media platforms without the involvement of local ad agencies.
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Georges-Alexandre, Hanin CEO

Mobilosoft provides a range of Web-to-Store and local marketing solutions to enterprise companies—brick & mortar retailers, local agencies that work with SME, and directories, and other types of publishers targeting SME. The business develops software containing four significant hubs: location management, E-Reputation, community management, and local advertising. Mobilosoft provides solutions including Presence Management on International media (Google My Business, Apple Maps, TomTom, Waze) and local directories and apps (yellow-page companies, shopping apps, opening hours directories), store locators, product and promo locators, local advertising, near-field wifi & beacon technologies, local DMP, programatic media buying on a local perspective