Janrain: Enriching Retail Experiences

Janrain: Enriching Retail Experiences

CIO VendorJim Kaskade, CEO
Digital transformation continues to be an area of focus for the retail industry to meet the increasing demands of tech-savvy customers. For retailers to compete in a shifting digital landscape, where online giants like Amazon are disrupting the market, personalized customer experiences that seamlessly extend from online to offline environments and vice versa are critical. To do this, brands need a complete understanding of their customers’ journeys across channels through identity resolution, digital fingerprinting, and cohesive login and registration, all while maintaining their customers’ trust through privacy compliance and security. This is what Janrain's customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform offers.

Janrain Identity Cloud® unlocks granular customer insights and single-view identity management of people and things, helping retailers engage customers with highly personalized, consent-driven experiences that scale to the largest use cases while meeting all regulatory and consumer expectations for privacy, security and control, resulting in greater value, revenue, and brand loyalty. The solution covers four crucial digital identity services: registration, login, privacy and compliance, and security.

Registration and Login

As the inventor of social login, Janrain reduces registration friction with social login and single sign-on. Social login eliminates the barriers to site entry and gives retailers the permission-based access to their customers' first-party identity data using their existing social network identities from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and others. This approach can be leveraged to improve registration rates and create more personalized and seamless customer experiences across multiple web properties and apps.

Privacy and Compliance

Janrain Identity Cloud enables retailers to deploy identity data governance policies and systems, such as consent stores and preference centers that comply with regional data privacy regulations and give customers control of their data.


“We adhere to the strictest security and privacy best practices in the CIAM industry,” says Jim Kaskade, CEO, Janrain. The company is certified compliant with ISO and HIPAA, and holds a clean SOC2 report. Additionally, it leverages the advanced features of Amazon Web Services (AWS), including security procedures and database controls to provide another level of security for customer data.

Janrain Identity Cloud lets the retailers build trusted digital relationships with customers to improve the personalized shopping experience across all of their channels, resulting in greater value, revenue, and brand loyalty

The company recently announced a partnership with Akamai, one of the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platforms, to layer new integrated security capabilities into the Janrain Identity Cloud. This promotes an unprecedented level of protection against both network-based and identity-based threats.

Scalability is another key value proposition for Janrain, especially for retailers that are conducting mission-critical online transactions. Janrain today has 55 availability zones in 16 geographic regions around the world supported by over 200 AWS cloud data centers. “This provides our customers with the greatest degree of scalability and the ability to rapidly deploy flexible and repeatable instances in our geographically distributed data centers,” says Kaskade. Janrain’s largest retail client has millions of identities with plans to add billions of connected things to its ecosystem, all managed by the firm at 99.999 percent availability. “Our customers can count on no downtime during traffic spikes, and seamless maintenance and management worldwide.”

With over 15 years of experience and 3,400 commercial installations of cloud services, Janrain has a sophisticated deployment methodology that makes things simple and delivers on time and on budget. This has helped the company win renowned clients that include PetSmart, illycaffe S.p.A, McDonald's, Samsung, Philips, Dr. Pepper and more. Citing one of their success stories, Kaskade mentions a grocery retailer with 72 grocery stores and 38 pharmacies across Indiana and Ohio. The retailer wanted to deliver marketing campaigns for a tailored, personalized experience based on each of its customers’ journeys and interactions. Rather than a single product, the client needed a flexible solution that would provide the ability to have a single and unified view of their customers. Additionally, they wanted to gather all the siloed data together from different sources such as loyalty programs, digital offers, and mobile data platforms. By implementing Janrain Identity Cloud, the client was able to meet all their requirements with an extra ability to add data from the loyalty and the digital coupon programs. After Janrain’s entry, the retailer experienced an increase of 1.5X in email acquisition rates, 4X in download of digital coupons, 9X in app usage, 4X in digital activations and 15X in unique site visits from 800 to 3750 per month.

Identity resolution, or tracking site visitors from anonymous to registered, is particularly important for retailers looking to understand their customers better. According to Forrester Research, the customer recognition in single channels is not enough; identity resolution spans every interaction and provides a broad view of the customer, creating the strategic foundation for cross-channel marketing. To this end, Janrain uses sophisticated, consent-based tracking to create a digital fingerprint of web visitors that can be used for improved insights while maintaining regulatory compliance.