Agillic: Fueling Retail Marketing Automation using AI

Agillic: Fueling Retail Marketing Automation using AI

CIO VendorJesper Valentin Holm, CEO
Relevance of communication plays a vital role in retail marketing and communication. Consider the example of a shopper who has purchased a piece of clothing at full price and is flooded by promotional offers, discounts, and clearance sale notifications after the billing. These offers and discounts would not have been eligible at the time of purchase as the retailer would have known they’d come, due to which, the customer is likely to get upset and might even return the product. This is one of the scenarios where marketing campaigns fail to comprehend the customer’s requirements. “In order to develop the ideal marketing automation strategy, the optimization of marketing campaigns and content sent to customers should be tailored and timed according to their preferences, requirements, and purchase habits,” elaborates Jesper Valentin Holm, CEO of Agillic.

The company has developed an omnichannel platform that infuses artificial intelligence (AI) into the classical rule-based marketing automation to understand the consumers’ requirements at any given point in time. This approach enables retailers to centralize the way messages are routed through multiple channels such as email, push notifications, text messages and even paid media. The Agillic platform makes the coordination between these channels possible, ensuring that all the communication is built, deployed, and orchestrated centrally. Offered as a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) solution, the automation platform seamlessly integrates with a wide array of ERP, CRM, software modules, and databases to create content for different communication channels.

Agillic’s platform allows the retailers to effectively engage with their customers and manage marketing campaigns across these channels in a simpler way, with shorter time to market even for complex customer journeys. By tapping into customers’ purchasing habits and understanding their usage, the AI engine provides insights on when a customer would be interested in purchasing or repurchasing a particular product based on the information fed into the communication pool.

The optimization of marketing campaigns and content sent to customers should be tailored and timed according to their preferences, requirements, and purchase habits

Such flexibility allows Chief Marketing officers (CMOs) of organizations to leverage the benefits of the SaaS framework and obtain immediate returns on investments (ROI), without which, reaching out to customers strategically would be a challenge on its own. “We have noticed that the relevance of marketing campaigns is an essential parameter to increase the revenue of a company, considering the time to market intervals of different broadcasting channels. Our platform allows CMOs to instantaneously reach out to customers and understand their current requirements,” adds Holm.

Using the Agillic platform strengthens the retailers’ decision-making abilities in terms of directing the communication to customers in a precise and relevant manner. The company has assisted a vast customer base, enhancing their marketing value proposition and improving the ROI. The company assured similar benefits to VITA, an omnichannel beauty retailer that encountered problems in capitalizing on their existing customer data. By deploying the built-in capabilities for AI and machine learning (ML), Agillic leveraged the client’s existing customer data pool to understand the requirements of the end customers and create automated customer communications that boost sales conversion rates dramatically. In comparison with the VITA newsletter (set to an index of 100), Agillic enabled the client to launch automated communications based on transactional recommendations with a performance index of 614, product replenishment index of 956, and cross sell conversion index of 446, surpassing their expectations. It provided VITA the ability to address micro-segments of their customer data through artificial intelligence and helped them improve the ROI.

These capabilities not only empower retailers with better customer communication but also provide a faster time to market to deploy and overhaul their marketing automation strategies. “Our solutions provide a centralized avenue for retailers to carry out fairly advanced operations using simpler tools, which is why, the Agillic platform is unmatched by any in this arena,” With offices in Copenhagen and London, the Nordic software company aspires to expand across Europe IPO'ed March 2018 on Nasdaq, thereby strengthening itself foothold in multiple geographies.